Our Commercial Office Furniture Clearance Guide

Does your workplace have an excessive amount of unused furniture, office chairs, and desks? Are your employees tormented by ergonomic nightmares at their workstations? Workplace heroes need not worry; here is how to eliminate rubbish and enjoy the sweet freedom of a commercial office furniture clearance!

One of the most intimidating aspects of commercial office clearances is dealing with the furnishings. Relocating, downsizing, or just giving your office space a facelift? Whatever the case may be, it’s critical to handle existing furniture with care and efficiency. If you’re planning a commercial office furniture sale, this guide will show you the ropes.

Assess The Items You Want To Get Rid Of

It may seem like repeating the obvious, but you need to know what needs clearing from your office before you begin the project. Before you call in the pros for office clearance, you should ideally remove everything but the most unwanted items from the building. If you haven’t already, make a list of everything you’re bringing along and everything you’re letting go of. In its absence, the clearance company will have a hard time estimating how long the clearance would take, and you will have a hard time comparing prices from other contractors.

Create A Workspace Inventory Management

Make sure all of your workplace furniture is properly accounted for. Whether you’re planning to sell or give the items, it’s helpful to have a detailed inventory with descriptions and other relevant information. Following our office clearance guide will aid in decision-making. No clearance service provider worth its salt will ask for this inventory either.

Set The Date For The Office Clearance Service

Decide on a date and then work your way backwards. If the clearance project takes longer than expected, you should first leave extra time at the end. Larger clearances necessitate more contingency plans. Further time is needed for the office clearance process. In all honesty, it depends on the square footage of the home and the quantity of unwanted items that need to be removed. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should allocate one day for every three Luton van loads (or about six builders skips) of rubbish that needs to be removed, presuming that there are no immediate external deadlines.

Additionally, make sure to allocate a professional office clearance company at least one week to compile their quotes and allocate sufficient resources in their operational calendar to handle the clearing. Shortening the time it takes to get quotes and expect clearance companies to start and finish the job will not only cause more stress and make it more likely that deadlines won’t be met, but it will also limit your contractor options to firms that aren’t already busy, which usually means the worst ones in the market! Because the reuse market is infamously static, it will also drastically lower your prospects of accomplishing substantial reuse, be it through selling to second-hand office furniture dealers or giving products to worthy causes.

Choosing A Reputable Office Clearance Company

Making the appropriate choice while selecting a removal and clearance firm is essential. Explore the possibility of working with a company that has prior expertise in managing office furniture removal in commercial spaces. The clearance company you choose must be a licensed waste collector, demonstrating dedication to environmental responsibility by ensuring responsible disposal of furniture. Take the time to investigate their credentials, insurance, and reviews to ensure your peace of mind.


In the process of clearing out office furniture, sustainability is one of the most crucial issues to consider. Aim to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills by recycling and reusing as much as you can. Ensure that the clearance company you choose is in compliance with environmental rules and is able to give paperwork regarding the ways they use to dispose of waste.

Consider Selling

Any good office clearance contractor has a network of second-hand dealers, charities, and recycling groups for office furniture and IT equipment. Ask them about reuse, recycling, and rebates after they visit your business. They should at least discuss sorting shipments into wood, paper, metal, and mixed garbage. They may ask about the quantity of products that can be reused and whether you want to donate or sell.

Computers and other IT equipment are reusable. Hazardous garbage like redundant computer monitors (CRTs) and equipment containing refrigerants (CFCs) such as air conditioners and fridges is expensive to dispose of since it must be disposed of properly. Remember that WEEE disposal is a specialised and highly regulated industry, so be sure your partner can supply you with proper documentation and proof of where the WEEE is being taken.

Reach Out To Jettison Commercial Clearances

Although it can be difficult, commercial office furniture clearance presents a chance for companies to show they care for the environment while also giving them a cash boost. An effective, long-lasting, and value-aligned office clearance is possible when you follow these procedures and collaborate with a respectable clearance company. To effectively clear out your furniture, it’s not enough to simply remove it; you must also make responsible judgments that are representative of your company.

Jettison Commercial Clearances is your best office clearance specialist!

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